Running for Taos Mayor 2022

I’m a fat guy in a race, I don’t expect to win. The seas are rising, our friends and relatives want to come home. There’s room at the inn, and somebody is gonna have to clean the stable. We have some social problems that need to be taken care of. The more out in front of this thing we can get the better.

I’m running because I want people to turn out to vote.

We are seeing poor turnout at the national, state and local levels. People aren’t showing up to vote, they don’t believe in the process, and that jaded cynicism is going to kill us all. We’ve got to get back to that 80’s idea of America where we all have a voice and we all matter because that’s what makes us strong. I believe Taos has thrived because of our syncretic nature. We can do this together.

Candidacy FAQ

My response to some questions about why I want to be Mayor.

Talking Points

Here’s my hot take on the issues I see facing us in 2022. I invite others to take these ideas and run with them.

Alternate Town of Taos Mayoral Candidates

Commencing Apr 1, 2022

I am open about how I feel about our other candidates, and I salute their willingness to serve. I would like to bring your attention to what I see them bringing to the table.

Daniel Barrone

Mayor Barrone has solved a number of contentious county/town issues. I respect his understanding of the regional political landscape.

Pascual Maestas

Pasqual has served Taos well in the past. I appreciate his expansive perspective.

Genevieve Oswald

Genevieve has a lot of first hand experience navigating the issues downtown faces. I admire her willingness to shape the future.